Age Grading

In many major running events including parkrun, as well as receiving a finish time and position there is also an age graded result shown as a percentage. Age grading has been developed as a simple and fair method of putting all race participants on a level playing field regardless of age or gender. The system was developed by WMA (World Masters Athletics) as a way of recognising performances of veteran athletes.

Age grading is the ratio of the world record time for age and gender of a particular discipline divided by actual finish time.
The WMA provide data tables with the world records by age and gender and update the data to ensure accurate age graded results are recorded.
There are various online age graded calculators available to check your status.
What the ratios indicate:

> 100% world record setting performance
> 90% world class performance
> 80% national class performance
> 70% regional class performance
> 60% local class performance