Workplace Running

An initiative between England Athletics and the UK business and industry community has been established called “Workplace Running” with the aim of providing a range of benefits to employers and employees. Running will improve both psychological and physiological wellbeing. This in turn can help to reduce absenteeism and  protect against a range of serious illnesses especially heart disease, as well as helping with weight loss and musculoskeletal conditions. Running can help with managing stress, reducing anxiety and relieving mild depression.

Research published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise indicates running can improve a person’s job performance. Researchers found that after a 30 minute bout of moderate exercise the study subjects performed significantly better in assessment tasks utilising “working memory” where the ability to retain and use multiple pieces of information over a short period is required.

Workplace Running enables employees to socialise or discuss work related issues together in a relaxed environment away from the usual work setting.  Workplace running programmes can therefore help to build a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

There are a range of flexible and inclusive running or related indoor athletics based fitness programmes e.g. Athlefit that can be made available to help your business.  People of all abilities can participate irrespective of fitness levels and sporting experience. Programmes are individually developed to include beginner-friendly opportunities in recreational running or athletics where anyone can have a go. These running or fitness programmes are delivered in a friendly, fun and inclusive manner by Ged Ruffle a fully qualified and experienced UKA Athletics Coach and UKA Coach in Running Fitness.

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