Training Plans

A training plan will provide you with a structured approach to help you achieve your goals. There are ample of these available in magazines and on various web sites. However, to be effective a training plan must be developed for you for a specific event.  An “off the shelf” plan knows absolutely nothing about you, your strengths, areas needing improvement or the time you have available to train. When developing a training plan GR8running will get to know you before working with you to build a plan that takes into account: your goal, fitness level, strengths, areas of improvement and the time you have available to train. GR8running understands the busy schedules and commitments imposed upon people today and has the experience and knowledge to work around this.
Your plan will be delivered in an easy to follow format and ensuring you have regular communications with your coach.

To get your training plan started please complete the Training Plan form or email.
Helping you achieve your goals.