Training is about developing the specific skills or preparation required to take on and complete a particular challenge. In terms of running this often relates to a race or event which could include any race distance up to a marathon or beyond! The basic training principles remain the same irrespective of the event. These include: specificity, overload, recovery and adaptation.

Specificity: the training must be tailored to the specific event taking into account the requirements of strength, mobility, endurance and speed. 

Overload: in order to prepare the mind and body for an event it is necessary to sometimes operate outside of the comfort zone. This is normally achieved by longer or faster repetitions, adding higher resistance or stretching beyond the typical movement range.

Recovery and Adaptation: this is probably the most underestimated training principle. Rest and recovery is essential in any training. This is where the body is able to recover from all the stresses that have been imposed upon it and during this time it adapts to its newly found status.

Training Plans

Many runners like to race, some very frequently whilst others prefer to target certain races. Often these can be bigger events where it is possible to be in the same race with the world class athletes. Whatever, the motivation it is necessary to train effectively to participate in the event. To this extent a training plan is required with the purpose of identifying and preparing  the work necessary in order to achieve your goal/objective. A real training plan is individual and must be developed for a specific runner and targeting a specific event. When it comes to training plans: “one size does not fit all”.

GR8running specialises in preparing personalised training plans that guide you through and support you in achieving  your goal for your race. This process starts by fully understanding you the runner to identify what is required to be put in place to achieve your agreed objective. At GR8running we offer a range of support options with your training plan:

GR8 Gold : Training plan delivered in monthly blocks with weekly support by phone. SMS and email support as often as required. Ideally suited for the runner looking for regular coaching interaction and support towards achieving the agreed objective. 

GR8 Silver : Training plan delivered in 2 blocks with monthly support by phone. SMS and email support provided weekly. Will suit the runner with the motivation to follow a plan but requiring less frequent coaching interaction.

GR8 Bronze: Training plan for the full duration with email support. Ideal  for the runner with the motivation to follow a plan requiring minimal guidance and support.

For further information or to get started with your training plan please complete the Contact Training form or send an email to discuss your requirements. Helping you achieve your goals.

“Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded” — Author Unknown