Running in Hot Weather

sunny-dayIt is very pleasant being outdoors when the sun is shining but what about running and training in hot and humid weather conditions? This can sometimes prove to be very tough but understanding and following a few simple principles may help to make the experience bearable or even pleasant.



Wearing the appropriate clothing is important, i.e. a “technical” light coloured singlet or running top that remains dry by wicking away moisture and eliminates chafing. A cap and sunglasses should also be considered.


Sun screenUsing a high factor sunscreen on all exposed skin especially on the neck should provide adequate protection against sunburn.




Be more selective about your running route, consider running off road, if possible in a woodland area where there is bound to be some shaded areas. Running in and around towns or in built up areas will always be hotter as asphalt and concrete retain heat. If in a town seek out the nearest park and run there.

If it fits in with your schedule try going for a run early mornings or later in the evenings as these should be the optimum times with the coolest part of the day.

Be prepared to run at a slower pace when it is hot. There is probably not much you can do about this, as the brain will be actively adjusting your running pace when the body starts to overheat or there is a threat of overheating.


sporty girl  drinking waterStaying hydrated is the single most important element when it comes to running in the heat. Ensure you are well hydrated before you start your run. Then it is necessary to drink at regular intervals e.g. every 20 minutes to avoid ever being thirsty. Although it varies person to person (due to body composition and running pace) a guide of approximately 200-250ml of water every 20 minutes should be consumed. In the event you plan to run for more than 90 minutes then consider taking a sports drink that includes sodium and electrolytes.