“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now; don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.” – Priscilla Welch

As an athlete centred coach, Ged is approachable, enthusiastic and motivational with a real passion in helping athletes develop to their full potential. Experienced in coaching junior athletics and adult/ junior running from novice to performance level. Ged creates a fun environment for training such that everyone feels involved and looks forward to each session. Always looking for and studying  best practises in training methods and techniques that will benefit the  athletes.

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Ged Ruffle
UKA Event Group Coach
UKA Athletics Coach
UKA Coach in Running Fitness
Run Together Group Leader


To make that initial step or take your running to the next level, GR8running provides personal coaching on a 1:1 basis or to small groups. Coaching is developed specifically to your needs; taking into account your goals, fitness, strengths ,areas of improvement and the time you have  available.  An effective program is developed, discussed and delivered to you in a fun, friendly and inclusive manner.

1:1 Coaching
Whatever aspect of your running maybe troubling you or preventing you from achieving your goal, GR8running can help you. Firstly, a consultation will be arranged to understand and  evaluate your current situation and importantly where you want to be. Based on the outcome of this, GR8running will prepare a personalised program with you. This will be delivered at a time to suit you in an effective, understanding and friendly manner to advance your training. To start your 1:1 coaching please  complete the Contact Coaching form.

Group Coaching
If you belong to or plan to start a running group, at a school, small club, work place or just an informal group of friends that enjoy running you will benefit from a structured approach being developed for you. This will bring another element to your running making it more enjoyable and targeted. GR8running will assist you by developing, implementing and facilitating a running program that will be fun, inclusive and effective. Whether for overall fitness improvement, to refine running techniques or to prepare  for a specific event from a 5K parkrun  all the way to a full marathon. GR8running can help you, please complete the Group Coaching  form to get started.Coaching picture

Workplace Running
A running group at work can help to build a happier, healthier and more productive workforce as running will improve both psychological and physiological wellbeing. This in turn can help reduce absenteeism and  protect against a range of  illnesses especially heart disease and can help with manage stress, reduce anxiety and relieve mild depression. Research published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise indicates running can improve a person’s job performance. Workplace Running enables employees to socialise or discuss work related issues together in a relaxed environment away from their usual work setting. To discuss your company requirements for a programme to be developed and delivered please complete Contact Coaching